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Extras for Daytona Beach Finals: SL/Giant Cubes/CB/EC

Overall Top 15:
#1: Drew (7:34.6)
#2: JJ (stopped by EC at 6:20.96)
#3: Sean (stopped by EC at 6:26.03)
#4: Jessie (stopped by EC at 8:15.71)
#5: Travis (stopped by CB at 3:41.07)
#6: Casidy (stopped by CB at 3:47.4)
#7: Tyler G. (stopped by CB at 3:47.6)
#8: Kevin C. (stopped by CB at 4:51.35)
#9: Rigel (stopped by GC at 2:47.71)
#10: Nick (stopped by GC at 3:44.59)
#11: Lucas (stopped by GC at 3:52.87)
#12: Reko (stopped by GC at 3:53.3)
#13: Ryan (stopped by GC at 3:58.95)
#14: Dustin (stopped by GC at 4:00.02)
#15: Michael J. (stopped by GC at 4:08.65)
Other Top Female Tonight: Lindsay (stopped by RT at 1:39.58)


Comments on: "“American Ninja Warrior” 8/7/17" (2)

  1. Dalton Higbee said:

    Disappointing night in Daytona. Thought these ninjas have REALLY stepped up their training. I hope for at least 2 finishers next week in Cleveland City Finals. BTW If the Las Vegas obstacles are much harder than last season, I’m OUT.

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