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“Candy Crush” 8/6

Britny Lissette & Tiffany Latrell Alexander (twins from BNX & Buffalo, NY)
Layla & Stephen Cushman (married in Louisville, OH)
Bryce Cole & Lori Ellis Bowering (mom/son in Winona, MS)
Jerry Gibbs, Jr. & George Stephen Athan, Jr. (baseball coaches in Castro Valley & Dublin, CA)

QR: Jelly Time
SC- George & Jerry

George & Jerry: Helping Hands- 41

QR #2: Cherry Drop
SC- Lori & Bryce

Lori & Bryce: Vine Climb- 20

QR #3: Free Yeti
SC- The Cushmans

The Cushmans: Yankety Yank- 76
Britny & Tiffany: Spin Cycle- 18

The Cushmans: Double Delicious
George & Jerry: Candy Tornado (this blows away their opponent’s board for :10 & reshuffles their board)(Not used: Miracle Match)


Comments on: "“Candy Crush” 8/6" (1)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Good episode and sorry that the horizontal board from the Ultimate Candy Clash was mean to George and Jerry. What do you say, Ant1988?
    Grade: B

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