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TC #8: Just before this challenge, John read several facts to everybody. One teammate at a time would slide down a ramp into some mud & take one of six tiles marked w/ answers. Whoever was faster w/ the right answer earned a pt. for his/her team; four pts. won.
W- Team Grady

DOUBLE ELIM. CIRCUS #4: A heavy ball would need to be balanced on a rocking shelf; the competitors would only have ropes to balance themselves.
W- Hannah

Next Challenge: The four competitors who were left would arrange those who rang out from first to last. The winner got some time w/ the remaining cadres & would have to eliminate someone.
W- Michael

FC: That crane challenge from the beginning of S2 was used to decide this season’s champ. However, in this ep.’s case, questions were asked & a wrong answer incurred a three-min. penalty.
W- Gigi


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