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G1: Naomi & Sarah (80th & Broadway)(BtG: 37)

#1: Eradicated thanks to Edward Jenner, what dreaded disease was known in the 1700s as the “speckled monster”?
#2: One of the lower rungs of the military ladder, what junior Army rank’s abbreviated PFC?
Private First Class
RLC: Acc. to The Farmer’s Almanac, the 12 modern birthstones include the peridot & the topaz- name seven of the remaining 10.
Diamond, ruby, aquamarine, sapphire, pearl, garnet & amethyst (Others: Emerald, opal & turquoise)
FQ: Featuring a container of plastic primates, what classic Hasbro toy has been used by scientists to model the geometry of protein structures?
Barrel of Monkeys

VB: Located on the outskirts of Luxor, this vast temple complex was once the religious center of the Egyptian capital of Thebes. NOT to be confused w/ the classic Johnny Carson character, what’s the name of this sprawling ancient site?
FA: Dendur (A: Karnak)

DR: Kyle, Corey & Alyssa (86th & Lex)(BtG: 38)

#1: Famously chronicled by C.S. Lewis, what fictional land was named for an ancient village in the Italian region of Umbria?
#2: As indicated by its initials, the USPTO is an agency that allows you to protect intellectual property in two ways- name ’em.
MSO: Anders (Alyssa’s boss)
Patent & trademark
#3: Protected by a shark-proof cage, Susie Maroney was the first woman to swim the 107 miles from what nation to Florida?
#4: A man of two words, the Kool-Aid spokespitcher has sported what short catchphrase since the ’70s?
“Oh yeah!”

#1: Derived from coriander, what polarizing herb did Julia Child claim to throw on the floor when found in her food?
#2: Risking the wrath of New Yorkers, what South American city’s repeatedly referred to as “The Big Apple” in the musical “Evita”?
Buenos Aires
#3: In a candid ’64 interview, what future Indian PM was described by Jackie Kennedy as a “horrible woman” & “a real prune”?
Indira Gandhi
RLC: The history expert at About.com identifies Adolf Hitler as one of the six key European dictators of the 20th Century- name four of the other five infamous men.
Mussolini, Tito, Stalin & Lenin (Unsaid: Franco)
#4: Alluding to his avian nickname, what jazz saxophonist co-authored the 1946 song “Ornithology”?
Charlie Parker

Sole $400 Q: Derived from a Greek word meaning “breast plate”, what anatomical midsection of an insect connects the head & the abdomen?
FA: Thorax ($2100)

G3: William (Houston & Lafayette)(BtG: 30)


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