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“Ca$h Cab” 1/5/12

G1: Anthony Pico (Rudy’s)(BtG: 42)

#1: In sushi restaurants, what recently-molted crustacean’s the star ingredient in a spider roll?
Alaskan king crab (A: Soft-shell crab)
#2: Attributed to his youthful appearance & hard-to-pronounce name, “Peaches” was the childhood nickname of what General & CIA director?
MSO: Wife Celeste
(David) Petraeus
#3: Clad in red, white & green, what country’s national soccer team’s known to fans as “El Tricolor”?
Ecuador (A: Mexico)
#4: Also nicknamed “The Black Lady”, which card will usually cost you a 13-point PENALTY in a game of Hearts?
RLC: As determined by data compiled by The Daily Beast, name four of the seven most popular Mother’s Day flowers in the U.S.
Rose, Lily, Tulip & Daisy (Didn’t need: Iris, Gladioli & Snapdragon)

#1: The direct opposite of the zenith, what astronomical term has come to mean “the absolute low point” of anything?
#2: An eternal tearjerker, what classic children’s book boasted a boy w/ scarlet fever & a stuffed animal awaiting incineration?
The Velveteen Rabbit
FQ: What famous oil tycoon was allegedly named for a socialist symbol, NOT a baking soda?
Armand Hammer

VB: Though it now seems rather staid, this bridge was once described as a prominent critic as “a gigantic and tawdry sham”. Just downstream from London Bridge, what’s the name of this landmark on the Thames?
FA: Tower Bridge ($2.5K)

G2: Darren & Andrea (54th & 2nd)(BtG: 30)

DR: Sanford, Kyo, Rory & Greg (23rd & 7th)(BtG: 33)

#1: Stitched out of flank steak, Lady GaGa’s notorious meat dress was made from the world-famous beef of what South American country?
#2: Nintendo’s best-known mascot, what plucky Italian plumber was credited w/ reviving the video game industry in the ’80s?
#3: Inspiring a recent grassroots movement, what 1773 incident was named one of the 10 most influential protests in history by TIME?
Boston Tea Party
#4: What famous brand of malt liquor was actually named for a Baltimore running back, NOT a type of pistol?
Colt 45

#1: Catering to local tastes, DUNKIN’ DONUTS locations in South Korea offer pastries flavored w/ what fermented cabbage?
#2: SLAMMING celebrities since ’97, what cigar-chomping canine puppet has been BANNED from the Westminster Kennel Club?
Triumph the Insult (Comic) Dog
#3: Acc. to the DoJ, what hallucinogenic cactus DOESN’T count as a controlled substance when used in Native American religious ceremonies?
FQ: Patented in 1846, what standard jazz band instrument was meant to have the versatility of a clarinet & the volume of a trumpet?
FA: Saxophone ($1200)


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