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“Id!ottest” 8/2/17

BT: Ben & Stazy (classmates)
GT: Josh & Sean

B&S: Trick or treat! Touch the one that’s a little pail.
FOUND ($140)
J&S: Who cut the cheese?
T ($180): Girl on top-right
B&S: How many nails did he screw in- zero, three, five or eight?
T ($80): ZERO ($220)
J&S: Which horseshoe’s farthest from the target?
T ($100): Horse (A: The man holding a horseshoe)

Josh: Touch what’s being re-served at this cafe
Leftovers Gotten? (IDIOT)
Stazy: Given Jay, ____, Joe & Jake, which person below would fit in perfectly w/ the guys above- Ken, Malcolm, Kent or Amy?
T ($75): Ken (A: Amy)
Sean: Which leaves MORE if you take away half of it- HEMLOCK, JUMPER, SYCAMORE or HICKORY?
T ($75): HICKORY
Ben: Touch the color that’s also a natural flavor
T ($350): Orange in the background ($570)

#1: The parents are gone. Where’s the baby sitter?
Stazy ($600): On the floor ($1170)
Josh ($700): AGREED ($880)
#2: How many of these animals can jump higher than a mountain- one, two or three?
Ben ($1300): KANGAROO
Sean ($1800): FROG (A: THREE)

SM: FOR THE RECORD: Which words does NOT belong- FOR, YEAR, HERE or CORD?
Stazy (:31): FOR
Ben (:17): AGREED

BT: Shant & Jacklin (twins)
GT: Danielle & Ajay

S&J: Touch the Washington monument
T ($120): Seattle Space Needle
D&A: Touch the edible under wear
T ($120): Apple
S&J: Without even seeing the questions, which response’s most likely correct?
D&A: Touch the highest limb
T ($240): Person’s right arm (A: “LIMB” on “NO CLIMBING” sign)

Ajay: Who’s most likely doing a goggle search- YouTuba, enter SCUBA WAREHOUSE, Gorgle or gettit?
T ($25): Gorgle
Shant: Wherever you go, which can you always find on the ocean floor
Danielle: What do you get when you add half & half?
T ($100): Coffee cup (A: “WHOLE” in “WHOLE BEANS”)
Jacklin: In England, touch what ISN’T the right side of the road
T ($250): Right side (A: The lines in the middle of the road)

#1: Which two people (out of the five shown, including four on the news TV set screen) got the same number?
Jacklin ($350): The women on the TV set screen
Danielle ($600): The man w/ zero votes & the news anchor ($720)
#2: Which thief’s telling the truth- “I never used the window!”, “I didn’t take a single thing!” or “I saw no TV!”?
Shant ($1300): “I saw no TV!”
Ajay ($1800): SAME (A: “I didn’t take a single thing!”)



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