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G1: Tara & Faith (Citarella on 3rd)(BtG: 41)

#1: Coined during WWI, what alliterative medical term alluded to mental trauma suffered in the aftermath of an artillery attack?
#2: One of the gifts carried by The Three Wise Men, what aromatic resin’s produced by hacking at the bark of a tree called the Boswellia?
X (A: Frankincense)
#3: Sometimes called the Aberdeen, what dark-haired dog breed was a fixture at The White Houses of BOTH FDR & George W. Bush?
MSO: Daniel
Scottish Terrier
#4: In Aug. 2011 the NASA spacecraft Juno began its unprecedented five-yr. journey to what gas giant?
Mars (A: Jupiter)

#1: From the Greek for “comparison”, what type of geometric curve’s created when a plane intersects a cone?
FA: Circle (A: Parabola)

DR: Greg (Broadway & Franklin)(BtG: 34)

#1: Though he later supported hunting limits, what famed cowboy earned his nickname by slaughtering over 4K bison in over two yrs.?
Buffalo Bill (Cody)
#2: What ’80s movie franchise inspired a limited-edition silver sneaker from NIKE nicknamed “The Air McFly”?
#3: At a recent White House correspondents’ dinner, what public affairs TV network was jokingly called “The official network for wide shots of empty chairs”?
#4: Located between miles 20 & 21, Heartbreak Hill is an INFAMOUS ascent found near the finish line of what annual April marathon?

#1: To the horror of animal activists, Flipper Pie was a Canadian delicacy made from the appendages of what marine mammal?
Dolphin (A: Seal)
FQ: Lending his name to an ILLEGAL scheme, what Italian swindler spent his final days as a nearly-blind pauper on the streets of Brazil?
FA: Ponzi

G3: Alan, Megan, Ben & Georgina (60th & Lex)(BtG: 31)

#1: Friendlier than its name suggests, a Bossy Bully is a designer dog that combines which two breeds?
Boston Terrier & Bulldog
#2: Making a mint from his “Madea” movies, what actor/director was ’11’s highest-paid man in entertainment acc. to Forbes?
Tyler Perry
#3: Used for training at FBI headquarters, Hogan’s Ally is a simulated 10-acre town located within what VA city?
RLC: Acc. to the Hallmark website, Administrative Professionals Day is one of eight holidays or events to remember in the month of April- name five of the other seven.
Apr. Fool’s Day, Easter, Passover, Earth Day & X (Others: Good Friday, Palm Sunday & Tax Day)
#4: Dubbed “The OSCARS of the Internet”, what annual award for online excellence limits acceptance speeches to a mere five words?

Sole $200 Q: Famously bred by the Nez Perce Tribe, what spotted horse breed was allegedly named for Idaho’s Palouse River?

VB: This cousin of surfing originated in southern CA where Laguna lifeguards needed the quick way to get from beach to beach. Allowing its participants to glide across the surface of shallow water, what’s the name of this aquatic activity?
FA: Skimboarding ($1400)


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