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“Fear Factor” 8/1

Gloria & Kristina (Santa Barbara)
Charles & Caelan (Vegas; orig. from OH)
Lindsey & Blair (Orange, CA)
Nathan & George (Yorba Linda)

BtB: Both housemates would take turns chewing down strings drizzled w/ lizard sauce until there was no more slack & they were able to pull open the boxes w/ crickets inside ’em to release those crickets & feed the beasts inside the main box.
C&C: 5:45
G&K: 4:37
L&B: 5:05
N&G: 3:19

FYF: A housemate was buried alive w/ a cellphone light & their partner would be forced to dig him/her out using a three-piece shovel. To get the three pieces, s/he would have to crack some combination-locked boxes (those buried alive had to text the four-digit combination codes to their partners). To halt the time, a flag had to be pulled off.
G&K: 9:25
L&B: 8:43
N&G: 8:36

TFF: Twenty flags had to be grabbed from the outsides of a white Ford Crown Victoria that was hanging/tilting over the edge of a cliff.
N&G: 2:32
L&B: 3:10


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