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G1: Evan & David (48th between 8th & Broadway)(BtG: 44)

#1: Abbrev. SP, what variety of softball commonly requires the ball to be delivered w/ an arc of between six & 12 ft.?
#2: Known for his battle cry “HO”, Lion-O was the red-maned leader of the pack in what ’80s animated series?
#3: In honor of the Italian Prime Minister, what prestigious film festival’s top award was once called “The Coppa Mussolini”?
Cannes (A: Venice)
#4: Described as the floral border in the Garden of History, what’s the term for the art of designing & displaying coats of arms?

#1: Named for its inventor, what small palm pistol was used by John Wilkes Booth to ASSASSINATE Abraham Lincoln?
Dillinger (A: Derringer)
#2: Nominated for the film “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, what street artist was DENIED permission to attend the 2011 OSCARS in disguise?
#3: Named for a French word for “caterpillar”, what fuzzy yarn’s commonly used to make throw blankets & fishing lures?
FQ: Describing a futile fight w/ an imaginary enemy, what popular idiom was inspired by the novel Don Quixote?
FA: “Tilting at windmills” ($1100)

G2: Sahar (14th & 2nd)(BtG: 32)

G3: May, Jasper, Connie & Charlene (16th & 9th)(BtG: 35)

#1: NOT to be confused w/ a brand of correction fluid, what weather condition occurs when heavy snow reduces visibility to near zero?
#2: Inspiring a character in Scorsese’s movie “Casino”, what Senate Majority Leader was once the head of the Nevada Gaming Commission?
MSO: Javier
XX (A: Harry Reid)
#3: In 2007 a Rock tour dubbed “Appetite for Construction” raised money to benefit what home-building nonprofit organization?
Habitat for Humanity
RLC: Bulgaria & Hungary were two of the eleven European nations that competed in the first modern Olympics- name seven of the remaining nine.
Greece, Italy, Great Britain, FranceX (Others: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Sweden & Switzerland)

VB: Racing across the ranges of WY, this Great Plains mammal trumps the cheetah in terms of long-distance land speed. Alluding to the pointed protrusions on its head, what’s the name of this quick-moving cousin of the antelope?
FA: Gazelle (A: Pronghorn)


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