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Extras for San Antonio Finals: SL/HD/Spinball Wizard/EC

Overall Top 15:
#1: Daniel G. (5:50.65)
#2: Thomas S. (stopped on EC at 4:29.25)
#3: Nicholas C. (stopped on EC at 5:07.15)
#4: Brent S. (stopped on EC at 5:12.38)
#5: Karsten (stopped on SW at 2:39.43)
#6: Andrew L. (stopped on SW at 3:54.62)
#7: Josh S. (stopped on HD at 2:29.64)
#8: Brian B. (stopped on HD at 2:55.84)
#9: Damir (stopped on HD at 3:02.9)
#10: Matt H. (stopped on HD at 3:19.13)
#11: Grant C. (stopped on HD at 3:25.56)
#12: Abel (stopped on HD at 3:25.98)
#13: Brandon P. (stopped on HD at 3:29.05)
#14: Cass (stopped on HD at 3:31.83)
#15: Jody (stopped on HD at 3:32.66)

Top Two Females:
#1: Barclay (stopped on HD at 5:43.62)
#2: Kacy (stopped on WW at 4:18.32)


Comments on: "“American Ninja Warrior” 7/31/17" (2)

  1. Dalton Higbee said:

    So San Antonio is MUCH HARDER than in Los Angeles this season.

  2. I’m really loving this season!

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