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Sabrina Richard (12)
Mason Partak (13)
Taliah Dancil (13)
Liam Waldman (13)
J: Damaris, Kenji (also award-winning cookbook author) & Brandi

KiS: String cheese or chicken nuggets
Taliah: Santa Fe chicken sandwich w/ string cheese
Mason: Mexican steak mac ‘n cheese w/ chorizo & chicken nuggets
Sabrina: Lamb burger w/ French fries
Liam: Fried chicken sandwich w/ melted string cheese

Liam: Shakshuka
Mason: Asian rib-eye w/ a Spring mix salad
Taliah: Shrimp Mofingo
Sabrina: Duck w/ a honey glaze & Ratatouille
W- Taliah

#1: A long, thin pasta w/ a heavenly-sounding name (ANGEL HAIR)- $
#2: A breakfast favorite also known as flapjacks (PANCAKES)- $
#3: An unusual fruit named for an imaginary fire-breathing creature (DRAGON FRUIT)- $
#4: Steam produced during baking gives this Middle Eastern flatbread its inner pocket (PITA)- $
#5: Steak made from squid (CALAMARI)- W


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