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“Candy Crush” 7/30

Brynn Marie & Joshua Leonard James Himes (married in Columbia, TN)
Matthew Lee Goley & Timothy Ray Velez (bros. in Marion, NC & Old Fort, NC)
Di’Ena Davis & Melissa Quinones (sorority sisters in Swedesboro, NJ & Mt. Laurel, NJ)
Stephen & Nicholas Venturelli (father/son in Plymouth, MA & BNX)

QR: Candy Rush
SC- Di’Ena & Melissa

New King-Sized Challenges This Wk.:
Yankety Yank: Both teammates are tethered to a beam which moves all over the horizontal gameboard, randomly yanking the players.
Vine Climb: W/ the help of zero-gravity harnesses, the players use vines to move on that vertical gameboard.

Di’Ena & Melissa: Helping Hands- 33

QR #2 (“Cherry Drop”): All the duos have to do is make matches to get a cherry down to the bottom while the person making the matches is BLINDFOLDED.
SC- Steve & Nick

Stephen & Nick: Yankety Yank- 49

QR #3 (“Free Yeti”): Yeti’s stuck behind six frosting blockers & matches have to be made around ’em to get it free. But before the teams can even try to free Yeti, they’ll be connected by a long candy skewer & they have to fit the candies through the blockades.
SC- Brynn & Joshua

Brynn & Joshua: Vine Climb- 57
Matthew & Timothy: The Balloon- 28

Brynn & Joshua: Double Delicious
Stephen & Nick: Miracle Match (Unused: Candy Cloud)
W- Stephen & Nick


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