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“Ca$h Cab” 3/13/12

DR: George, Kenny, Robbie & Alan (Eataly)(BtG: 33)

#1: To prove that U.S. gold reserves are still there, Ron Paul demanded an audit of what KY depository in ’11?
Ft. Knox
#2: Literally meaning “me”, what French pronoun’s a fixture in the vocabulary of the Muppet Miss Piggy?
#3: Launched in ’08, the Ben & Jerry’s flavor “Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road” honored what singer’s first-ever concert in VT?
Elton John
#4: In ’94 what astronaut SUED Hallmark over a Christmas ornament that played a recording of his “One small step for man” quotation?

#1: Named after the Indian Chief Tamanend, what notorious NYC political machine boasted headquarters known as The Wigwam?
Tammany Hall
#2: Acc. to Charlie Chaplin, what iconic character’s walk was inspired by a rheumatic old man named Rummy Binks?
X (A: Tramp)
#3: Abbrev. WWF, what SCRABBLE knockoff for iPhones boasts a souped-up board that enables higher scores?
“Words With Friends”
#4: A broadside against the auto industry, the ’65 polemic “Unsafe at any speed” fast-tracked the career of what perennial Presidential candidate?

Sole $400 Q: Acc. to Slate.com, A/C units are back-breakingly heavy due to their coils made of what soft & oft-stolen metal?

VB: This sailor made use of a navigational tool that explorers have used for centuries to explore the seven seas. From a Latin word meaning “one-sixth”, what’s the name of this ancient precursor to the GPS?
FA: Septograph (A: Sextant)

G2: Danielle (Heartland Brewery)(BtG: 32)

#1: Boasting more Schmidts than Smiths in its phone book, what birthplace of Miller Brewing is nicknamed “The German Athens”?
#2: Derived from the Latin word “malva”, what purplish color did chemist William Perkins accidentally invent while trying to make malaria meds?
#3: Increasingly obsolete, what bladed rifle attachments are now used in the Army as backup weapons for hand-to-hand combat?
#4: Better suited for squeaky chairs, what brand of lubricant notes on its website that it’s NOT an effective cure for arthritis?
RLC: As reported by the American Heart Assoc. in 2011, what are five of the six most-commonly-eaten varieties of fish in the U.S.
SalmonX (Not given: Tuna, pollock, cod, catfish & sole)

#1: The largest moons of Uranus, Tatiana and Oberon were named for the king and queen of the fairies in what Shakespeare comedy?
“The Taming of the Shrew” (A: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)
FQ: Along w/ his black turtleneck & blue jeans, Steve Jobs was also known for wearing what brand of grey sneakers?
FA: New Balance ($800)

G3: Rob & Andy (36th)(BtG: 30)
$200 LOSS


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