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“Id!ottest” 7/26/17

200TH EP.:
BT: Sam & Joe (roommates)
GT: Amber & Ashley (models)

Guys: Ed baked two cakes in two hrs. How many would  he have if it took him four hrs.- zero, two, three or four?
Models: After checking into her hotel rm., who went straight for the wet bar- took a shower, checked the weather, ordered rm. service or hit the pool?
T ($80): Took a shower
Guys: Touch the face behind the mask
T ($200): Man on the ground
Models: Which digit’s larger than 8?
T ($140): 0 ($220)

Sam: Who called for a cab?
T ($225): “I just ordered the house red” ($425)
Amber: How many hearts does he have?
Joe: Which one has the beginnings of A LOUD ANGRY NOISE?
T ($300): ALAN ($725)
Ashley: Who most likely broke the window?
T ($275): Lady in front of window ($495)

#1: Touch the spoon
Sam ($750): Tiny white spoon in the grips of a tool ($1475)
Amber ($100): ALSO FOUND IT ($595)
#2: Given Eli F., Lisa B., Amal L. & Stella W., if everyone’s gift reflects who they are, what should Stella’s gift logically be?
Joe ($1.5K): WALLETS ($2975)
Ashley ($400): SAILBOAT

SM: Given FRAGRANCE, ASPARAGUS & TREASURES on a map, which word should go where the question mark is- PARADISE, ASPARAGUS, TREASURES or CHIPOTLE?
Joe (:22): CHIPOTLE
Sam (:04): W

BT: Cameron & Chenine
GT: Michael & James (choirboys)

BT: Find the vehicle at cruising altitude
GT: Touch the domino at the very end of the winding line
BT: These women are all named after months. Touch the shortest of the three- April, June or July.
T ($100): JUNE ($140)
GT: Touch the duet numbered
DIDN’T TOUCH “2” ($200)

James: What can Willie carry in a wheelbarrow that Hank CAN’T?
T ($25): WILLIE (A: HANK)
Chenine: Touch the pen doors
FAILED ($300)
Michael: Who’s most likely to give a good tip- “I thought you were paying…”, “There’s a bank around the corner” or “I don’t have any purse”?
T ($250): “There’s a bank around the corner”
Cameron: The answer’s two-thirds of a TON
T ($25): 800 LBS. (A: “ON”)

#1: Which word says what you can do w/ this empty bag?
Chenine ($450): ZIP ($590)
James ($550): AGREED ($800)- W

SM: Which country’s missing IN here?
Michael (:23): The person sleeping
James (:17): Philippes ($1800)


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