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Steve Cain (El Gaucho EC)
Lamont Waits (Boogie’s Chicago-Style BBQ chef/owner in Houston)
Amanda Ivy (SC at exclusive club in Little Rock & Army vet)
Marco Niccoli (priv. chef who’s cooked for the last four U.S. Presidents)
J: Beau, Damaris & Rutledge

Steve: Prosciutto-wrapped shrimp w/ grilled Spring onion pesto
Lamont: Chicago rib tips over fries w/ BBQ sauce
Amanda: Southern pimento cheeseburger w/ fried okra
Marco: Grilled shrimp tacos
C-O- Lamont

Steve: SOUR CANDY (Hole in One Ingredient: JUMBO DILL PICKLES)

Marco: Lobster roll w/ grilled lemon-garlic aioli & kettle chips
Amanda: Grilled chipotle chicken sandwich w/ slaw & southwestern potato salad
Steve: Grilled pork Banh Mi w/ sour candy-pickled veggies
C-O- Amanda

SS: Three min. on the shopping clock this time.
Steve: Peppercorn rib-eye w/ Bordelaise veal demi sauce, grilled broccoli & asparagus
Marco: Grilled filet w/ pan sauce, buttered asparagus, grilled potatoes & Caesar salad
W- Steve

#1: A flammable item available in varieties such as cherry, apple & maple wood. Gives food the taste of the grill. (WOOD CHIPS)- $
#2: Its sturdy green rind & juicy pink pulp make this fruit a grilling favorite (WATERMELON)- $
#3: A relatively-new cut of grilling steak named for an old-fashioned gadget for pressing clothes (FLAT IRON)- $
#4: Henry Ford developed a process to turn wood scraps from his Model T into this grilling fuel (CHARCOAL)- $
#5: A popular grilling protein that comes in varieties such as Chinook- TIME (A: SALMON)


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