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“Fear Factor” 7/25

Ashton & Harry (dad/son)
Dez & Dominic (dad/son)
LeAngelo & Leland (dad/son)
Tracy & Erynn (mom/daughter)

BtB: One partner was strapped down in a box w/ 1K non-venomous scorpions & s/he would have to grab some scorpions, put ’em in the bowl placed on the head of their partner & have the other teammate dump ’em in a plexiglass box. Three min. on the timer.
A&H: 217
D&D: 288
T&E: 239
L&L: 274

FYF: First, their grown-up child would throw balls to dunk their parent in a tank filled w/ leeches; the parent next had to find two cocktail shakers full of leeches. The child would secondly jump in a pool filled w/ blood-sucking leeches & had to have as many of ’em stick to their body. As soon as their parent dumps the cocktail shakers on their child, the team would run an obstacle course & dump the child’s leeches into two martini glasses. To freeze their results, they would have to drink the liquor.
L&L: 1.7oz
T&E: 1.6oz
D&D: 1.4oz

TFF: The child got chained to a couch in a “basement” & was tied to their parent, who was inside the helicopter. The child had to free themselves, while the parent’s job was to climb out of that helicopter & pull on a handle to launch their kid right off that couch.
L&L: 3:32
T&E: 4:02


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