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“Chopped” 7/25/17

Giorgio Giacinto (Ristorante Italiano owner/EC in New Rochelle)
Jen Scher (Casellula Cheese & Wine Cafe EC)
Omar Mitchell (I Luv Cheese Totally Awesome Pasta Bar chef/owner in DET)
Marcus Woodham (Three Muses Maple Street EC in N.O.)
J: Scott, Amanda & Maneet

A: Tiger prawns, pea tendrils, corzetti pasta & duck salami
Giorgio: Pan-seared prawns w/ duck sausage & prawn broth
Jen: Pan-seared tiger prawn w/ pea tendril chimichurri
Omar: Asian-inspired tiger prawns w/ pan-seared duck salami
Marcus: Seared prawns w/ corzetti, duck salami & shrimp broth
C- Omar

E: Pork strip steaks, morel mushrooms, artichoke paste & crunchy pizza snacks
Jen: Pizza snack-crusted pork schnitzel w/ microgreens
Marcus: Grilled pork strip steak w/ pizza snack & morel duxelle
Giorgio: Pan-roasted pork strip steak w/ artichoke mash
C- Jen

D: Music paper bread, gala apples, bitters & mini cherry lollipops
Marcus: Buttermilk biscuits w/ music paper, apple gravy & berry bitters syrup
Giorgio: Apple & nut fritter w/ orange glaze
W- Marcus


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