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“Superhuman” 7/24

Kamen Casey (JUST FOR KICKS): Five target stations were there w/ seven numbered pads; NONE of the number configurations were alike. He was ordered to punch, kick or strike the pads in numerical order at each station BLINDFOLDED leading up to knocking off the red part at the top. Chris Casamassa (who played Scorpion in “MORTAL KOMBAT”) was the referee.
Summer Gentry (RECTANGLED): In each of three grids, she would have to figure out how many rectangles were inside.
Kaden Taylor (GET A CLUE): 30 pieces of evidence were scattered in a crime scene; each one had a tag number that he also had to memorize. Kal would later provide several statements & this contestant would attempt to solve the crime.
Jared Hughes (DANCE WHISPERER): W/ his back facing away from the action & headphones on his ears, his task was to ID each of three dance routines. Jonathan & Oksana of “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DaNCe” made cameos. He identified the 2nd dance wrong (TANGO; he thought it was the WALTZ) & was right on the other two (VIENNESE WALTZ & JIVE).
Dawn Pritchard (LEAVE IT TO ME): On stage was a nursery of 400K+ plants & she would attempt to ID three of ’em by only the sense of touch.

TT: Summer, Kamen & Kaden
W- Kamen


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