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“Dessert Games” 7/24

Brittani Brooker (exec. pastry chef for high-end hotel)
Jeremy Fogg (exec. pastry chef in LA who was in charge of desserts for Emeril’s flagship restaurant)
Ashley Holt (cake designer & owner of catering co.)
Tavel Bristol-Joseph (pastry chef/owner)
J: Nancy, Elizabeth & Ashley Adams

Sweet Switch: Sheet pasta, ricotta & basil
Brittani: Ricotta panna cotta w/ basil white chocolate malto-powder & fried pasta strips
Jeremy: Olive oil cake w/ whipped ricotta cream, basil sugar & fried pasta strips
Ashley: Sweet ricotta cream-stuffed Pizzelle w/ plum & basil salad
Tavel: Lemon ricotta curd Napoleon w/ basil orange sauce
C-O- Jeremy

Dessert Cart: Avocados, popcorn kernels, soybeans & beef jerky
Brittani: Vanilla I.C. in a churro bowl w/ strawberry-candied beef jerky
Tavel: Salted caramel I.C. sundae w/ avocado puree
Ashley: Coconut I.C. sundae w/ passion fruit caramel popcorn
C-O- Tavel

Pie Chart: Flavors of a banana cream pie (after it was spun up on a wheel) have to be incorporated into a completely different dessert.
Ashley: Banana I.C. cream puff w/ vanilla cream
Brittani: Deconstructed banana creme pie
W- Brittani


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