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Bloggers Who Battled It Out:
Kenji Lopez-Alt (The Food Lab)
Amy Kritzer (What Jew Wanna Eat)
Bren Herrera (House of Bren- born in Cuba)
Dan Whalen (The Food in My Beard)
J: Rev Run, Catherine & Brandi

GL: #Cauliflower, #SomethingInaCan & #HashBrowns
Dan: Burger w/ hash brown buns & cauliflower cotija jalapeno sauce
Bren: Arepa-style tortilla w/ plantains, cauliflower steak & sausage picadillo
Amy: Sabich sandwich w/ potato latke buns
Kenji: Fried chicken sandwich on latke-crusted bun w/ cauliflower giardiniera
C-O- Bren

U-G: Lettuce, tortillas, ground beef & cheese
Amy: Sumac-spiced steak taco w/ apple, quinoa & chickpea salad
Dan: Grilled flank steak arepa w/ hanabero banana sauce
Kenji: Grilled sea bass tacos w/ charred tomatillo salsa
C-O- Amy


Kenji: Blackened skirt steak w/ blackened sweet potato puree
Dan: Blackened chicken drumstick w/ blackened carrots & prune balsamic reduction
W- Dan (since Kenji was competing for charity, his cause received $1K)

#1: Also known as an “aubergine” this large purple fruit’s usually classified as a berry (EGGPLANT)- $
#2: The Hawaiian name for “yellowfin”; this fish’s often used in poke (AHI TUNA)- $
#3: This common spread invented on the island of Minorca was originally called Mahon Sauce (MAYONNAISE)- $
#4: These nuts are used to flavor marzipan (ALMONDS)- $
#5: Small green foliage that’s used to wrap Mediterranean food (GRAPE LEAVES)- RAN THE TABLE


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