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“Candy Crush” 7/23

Jaron Nicholas Darnell & Christopher David McCulley (brothers-in-law in Lakeland, TN)
Rosario Procino & Pasquale Cozzolino (NY business owners)
Paul Benjamin Abadilla & Susan Kelly Samson (married couple in Norwalk, CA)
Marty Yvonne Hamm & Jatona Brenae King (cousins in Ellenwood, GA & Savannah, GA respectively)

QR (“Candy Rush”): The teams have to make six matches; after each match, the teammates have to tag out.
SC- Paul & Susan

New King-Sized Challenges This Wk.:
Helping Hands: While holding those extra-long hands, they’re swung back-and-forth above the horizontal wall.
High Rise: The players are randomly lifted up while they make matches on the vertical wall.
Candyvator: A button-operated lift’s used by the team; teammates have to press their buttons at the same time to move up/down.

Paul & Susan: High Rise- 25

QR #2 (“Candy Toss”):
SC- Chris & Jaron

Chris & Jaron: Helping Hands- 57

QR #3 (“Sugar Spin”): Same as Jelly Time, except they have to make matches on small turntables.
SC- Rosario & Pasquale

Rosario & Pasquale: Candyvator- 34
Marty & Jatona: Candy Cart- 44

Chris & Jaron: Double Delicious
Marty & Jatona: Freezer Burn (Unused: Miracle Match)
W- Marty & Jatona


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