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G1: Lindsay (20th)(BtG: 30)

G2: Tracy, Mark, Jeff & Greg (The Harrison)(BtG: 45)

#1: In a particularly memorable amazon review, what John Steinbeck novel was summed up as “dirt, and migrating, and more dirt”?
The Grapes of Wrath
#2: Known as “The disease of kings”, what painful joint condition’s linked to the overconsumption of rich foods like liver & sweet breads?
RLC: From 2000-10, four U.S. Supreme Court Justices were BOTH nominated & confirmed- name ’em.
Kagan, Roberts, Alito & Sotomayor
#3: Inspiring the term “Narco-soccer”, drug kingpin Pablo Escobar was believed to have bankrolled what country’s national soccer team?
#4: Putting the ZN in the stock symbol AZN, what co. merged w/ ASTRA AB in ’99 to form a pharmaceutical giant?

#1: Advertised in the ’70s as “A beautiful drink for beautiful people”, what diet soda brand was reinvented in ’06 as a lo-cal energy drink?
#2: Also called “The lying down game”, what recent fad requires you to lie stiff as a board in peculiar places?
#3: Meaning “a really good time” in Cajun, what annual music festival has been held on a TN farm since 2002?
FQ: The oldest warship still in commission, the HMS Victor was Lord Nelson’s flagship in what famous battle?
Battle of Trafalgar

VB: Centuries before the advent of UGGS, the indigenous people of the Arctic have kept warm w/ these cold weather boots made of animal skins. Derived from a Yupik word meaning “bearded seal”, what’s the term for this traditional footwear?
FA: Mukluk ($3300)

G3: Stuart & Mickey (36th & 9th)(BtG: 36)


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