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“The Wall” 7/20

T: Chris & Paris (Palm Beach, FL)

#1: Patsy Cline, Aerosmith & Gnarles Barkley have ALL had a hit song w/ which title- “Crazy” or “Beautiful”?
“Beautiful”– 1 (FURTHEST L)/10 (L)/10 (R)
#2: In 1989 a glass pyramid designed by I.M. Pei was opened as the entrance to which French museum- The Louvre or Musee D’Orsay?
The Louvre– TWO IN 100 (L)/25K
#3: In the ’15 PIXAR film “Inside Out”, which emotion was voiced by Amy Poehler- Joy or Sadness?
Joy– 20K (L)/10 (L)/10K (L)
#4: One of the basic tricks in street skateboarding, often used to leap over or onto obstacles, is named for Alan Gelfand. What’s it called- Casper or Ollie?
Ollie– TWO IN 10 (L)/10K (R)
#5: Which of the Williams sisters has won more Grand Slam singles tennis titles?
Serena– 10K (L)/1 (JUST NEAR IT)/25K = $100,231

R2 Freebies (#6 & #7): 10K/1 (IN BETWEEN 50K/100K)

#1 (#7): While actually having his chest hair waxed while filming “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, Steve Carell yelled out which celebrity’s name- Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood or Ruben Studdard?
Ruben (A: Kelly)- 100 (R)
#2 (#4- DOUBLE): The current logo for Morton Salt depicts a girl who’s carrying which object in her right hand- kite, umbrella or balloon?
Umbrella– 100K/125K
#3 (#3- TRIPLE): W/ music by Antonio Carlos Jobim, “The Girl From Panama” described a woman walking near the beach in which country- Argentina, Brazil or Costa Rica?
Argentina (A: Brazil)- 1 (IN BETWEEN 25K/50K)/100K/125K
End-of-R2 Deductions: 100 (L)/10K = $100,031

R3 Freebies:
#1- 100K
#3- 400K
#4- 300K
#6- 1 (IN BETWEEN 300K/400K) = $900,032

#1 (#3): Based on the titles in their names, which of these characters would outrank ALL three of the others in the U.S. Army’s rank structure- Sgt. Pepper, Captain America, Colonel Mustard or Major Tom?
Colonel Mustard– 500K
#2 (#2- DOUBLE): There are the same number of states in New England as there are players in the starting lineup for a team in which league- MLB, NBA, NFL or NHL?
#3 (#7- TRIPLE): Located in the White Mountains of California, the world’s oldest-known living individual tree at over 5K yrs. old is a species of which of these trees- maple, sequoia, oak or pine?
Oak (A: Pine)- 200K/TWO IN 300K- $140,231 CONTRACT SIGNED


Comments on: "“The Wall” 7/20" (2)

  1. This happened once last season too – a second straight wipeout averted by the contract being signed.

  2. Ant1988 said:

    This gets a rating of a 5 from me

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