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J: Rob Riggle, Ken Jeong & Regina


Intrepid Dance Company:
Rob: 5
Ken: 5
Regina: 6

Speed Stacking Master:
Rob: 5
Ken: 10
Regina: 5


Igor the One-Man Band (former three-time champ on the original daytime version):
Rob: 10
Ken: 9
Regina: 8

Nerdy Nick:
Rob: 6
Ken: 9
Regina: 9

Ryu & Blanka: GONGED

Skippy Green:
Rob: 10
Ken: 9
Regina: 9

Jolly Green Shredding Machine:
Rob: 6
Everyone else: 0

The Fortune Smeller: GONGED

There was also a special performance by David Arquette & the Jingle Punks Jug Band. Also, on this new version, at the start of the next-to-last segment of an ep., there’s a singalong of the ep. up to that point.

W- Zeigwig


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