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G1: Winston (59th & 7th)(BtG: 35)

G2: Georgina, Cody & John (The Frick)(BtG: 30)

#1: In Hip-Hop parlance, what standard piece of DJ equipment is known as “the wheels of steel”?
#2: Short for “continuous positive airwave pressure”, a CPAP machine’s used to treat what snoring-related sleep disorder?
Sleep apnea
#3: Abbrev. NM, what collector’s term denotes that a comic book or baseball card’s in almost-perfect condition?
RLC: Acc. to a 2011 Harris poll, America’s 10 favorite movie stars include John Wayne & nine contemporary actors & actresses. Name six of these stars.
Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Sandra BullockX (Not provided: Clint Eastwood, Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts)
#4: Prized by Inca royalty for its supremely-soft wool, the Vicuna’s the national animal of what South American country?

Sole $200 Q: Featuring irrational gun-toting robots, what classic ’80s video game spawned a sequel named “Frenzy”?
MSO: Ryan
FA: “Berserk” ($800)

G3: Alexis, Larry, Raji & Josh (2nd & 12th)(BtG: 41)

#1: Calling himself “Mega, super, ultra-conservative”, what Chicago Bears coach was nearly drafted to run against Obama for Senate in ’04?
Mike Ditka
#2: A professor of hound teasing at Acme Loonaversity, what “LOONEY TUNES” rooster spent decades tormenting a dog named George?
Foghorn Leghorn (an unsuccessful RLC was edited out)
#3: Despite a reputation for being slow, what sugar byproduct swept through Boston at 35mph after a 1919 accident?
#4: Typified by The Prisoner of Azkaban or Return of the King, what slang term does Oxford World Dictionary define as the third book or movie in a series?
MSO: Pete Nakamo
Trequel (A: Threequel)

#1: Similar to phishing, smishing is a form of fraudulent activity in which victims are contacted by what form of communication?
#2: A fad of the early ’90s, what wrist accessory was invented by a school shop teacher who was fiddling around w/ ribbons made of steel?
Slap bracelet
FQ: Popular among Wiccans, what primordial Greek goddess was the personification of Mother Earth?

VB: These are the cliffs of La Quebrada where performers regularly take the perilous plunge into the Pacific over 100 ft. below. Requiring perfect timing w/ the incoming tide, this death trap for divers is an iconic attraction of what Mexican resort city?
FA: Acapulco ($2200)


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