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“Id!ottest” 7/19/17

Celebrity Game:
BT: Kent Faulcon (L.A. Family Housing) & Cocoa Brown (Wigs of Love)
GT: Kiki Haynes (Karma Foundation) & Jason Olive (J.O. Foundation)

BT: You use a hammer on a nail. What should you use on a nut?
T ($180): Nutcracker
GT: Which one has bear claws?
T ($220): Donut Touch
BT: Which puzzle piece below DOESN’T fit in the empty space?
(IDIOT)(A: The red one on the box)
GT: Wake up & touch the horn!
T ($180): The one on the rhino

Jason: Sam fell out a 10-story building & landed without a scratch. Which window did he fall out of?
T ($100): Black window at the very bottom
Kent: There are Mounts Fuji, Rushmore & Everest. Where is Rainier?
T ($225): Photo of it raining & thundering on Rushmore
Kiki: Which sign’s obviously hand-made?
Cocoa: Touch what you should lose if you want to get LAID
T ($100): OVERALLS (A: P in PLAID)

#1: One of these three late night hosts has three EYEs. Which one- JIMMY FALLON, JIMMY FALLON, SETH MEYERS or JAMES CORDEN?
Cocoa ($400): JIMMY FALLON
Kiki (IDIOT)
#2: Touch the front page
Jason ($400): PAGE 3
Kent ($800): PAGE 2

SM: How many times does MACHINE appear in a straight line?
Kent (:25): 2
Cocoa (:12): The whole board (A: 1)

BT: Danesh & Hannah (married)
GT: Danielle & Jhon-Michael (dating)

BT: Touch where a piece of paper’s missing
T ($60): Torn piece of paper (A: Copy machine)
GT: How many straws are below- three, four, five or six?
T ($20): FOUR (A: THREE)
BT: Do what you hear (HIT PAWS)
SUCCESS ($220)
GT: Touch the post card
T ($100): Future in the past (A: Mark After New Year’s 2003)

Danielle: What’s the main ingredient in the world’s most expensive cup of coffee?
T ($150): Coffee cup (A: Water from waterfall)
Hannah: There are three camouflaged jackets Abe hung up. Which one’s most effective?
T ($100): The one on the left ($320)
Jhon-Michael: If thou takest away “ETH”, which doth NOT leave a word- SWINGETH, DRINKETH, BETH or CASTETH?
T ($250): BETH
Danesh: Who’s NOT playing along- “It’s opposite day!”, “I’m not smiling!”, “I’m wearing a hat!” or “It’s not opposite day!”?
T ($25): “It’s not opposite day!” (A: “It’s opposite day!”)

#1: Which two words together describe what workers do to start their day- THIN, WIN, PUN or CHIN?
Danesh ($500): PUN & CHIN ($820)
Danielle ($150): THIN & PUN
#2: Read the (backwards) signs & follow the directions (TOUCH P)
Hannah ($200): O
Jhon-Michael ($1100): U

SM: How much of this chart’s accurate- 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2?
Hannah (:19): 1/2
Danesh (:06): W


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