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G1: Donna & Joe (46th & 3rd)(BtG: 32)

#1: Though he moved to Delaware at age 10, Joe Biden’s still known as that scrappy kid from what hardscrabble Pennsylvania town?
Pittsburgh (A: Scranton)
#2: Boasting the bestselling extra, what famed brand of fire log was first created when pencil shavings were combined w/ petroleum wax?
RLC: The TSA lists 10 pieces of sports equipment that may NOT be carried onto a plane, including spear guns & cricket bats. Name five of the other eight.
Lacrosse sticks, pool cues, baseball bats, hockey sticks & (bows &) arrows (Others: Dumbbells, golf clubs & ski poles)
#3: In emergency medicine, the so-called ABCs of basic life support are airway, breathing & what?
Compression (A: Circulation)
#4: Alluding to their state’s French heritage, what university’s fans wear shirts that read G-E-A-U-X Tigers?
Louisiana St.

#1: Featuring an SF in its logo, what Irish political party sells t-shirts that read “I still hate Thatcher”?
Sinn Fein
FQ: To cut down on commotion in 2011, protestors at the Wisconsin State Capitol were BANNED from bringing what noisy South African horn (which was best known for being used at the FIFA World Cup)?
MSO: Joseph’s brother-in-low Bob
FA: Zuzu Weiser

DR: Matt, Marissa, Alissa & Matt (Varick & Vandam)(BtG: 40)

#1: What precious metal’s Pt on the periodic table?
#2: After 40 yrs. of suspense, it was revealed in ’09 that Joy was the first name of what matronly syrup mascot?
Aunt Jemima
#3: Coined by Chick Hearn, what crowd-pleasing basketball maneuver’s also a synonym for “sure thing”?
Layup (A: Slam dunk)
#4: Since 1974 International Nurses Day has been observed on May 12, the birthday of what famous British practitioner?
Florence Nightingale

#1: Acc. to Urban Dictionary, what slang term for gem-encrusted dental jewelry can also refer to one’s personal business?
#2: Viewing it as “sacrilege”, what four-word phrase did Teddy Roosevelt briefly REMOVE from U.S. coins in 1907?
“In God We Trust”
RLC: From 2000-10, six different cities have hosted either the Winter or Summer Olympics- name four.
Sydney, Athens, Salt Lake City & Beijing

VB: The U.S. Supreme Court has considerable curb appeal due to the 16 fluted columns adorned w/ intricately-sculpted leaves. Named for an Ancient Greek city, what’s the name of this ornate order of classical columns?
FA: Corinthian ($2200)

G3: Jean Michelle (63rd & CPW)(BtG: 40)

#1: Due to their low melting point, what chocolate-coated marshmallow cookies are shelved by NABISCO during the Summer?
Mellow Bars (A: Mallomars)
#2: After hooking ’em up to his patented Electrometer, what Scientology founder famously asserted that even tomatoes scream when sliced?
L. Ron Hubbard
FQ: Providing pest control since 1901, what well-known co. was founded by the son of a Latvian immigrant known as “Otto the Rat Man”?


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