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“Fear Factor” 7/18

Tay & Matt (representing the Hasselhoffs- David was eliminated early back in ’01)
Patrick & Jacque
Gonzalo & Nicole
Alex & Neshty

BtB: In a pitch-black room, there were 10 disconnected extension cords & while those nasty creatures were inside, the players had 15 min. to connect all the extension cords.
J&P: 11:45
T&M: 12:15
G&N: 13:35

However, Patrick & Jacque were UNABLE TO CONTINUE & Alex & Neshty were back in (& there would be NO Fear-vantage this wk.).

FYF: One teammate was strapped in an electric chair; the other used a pole to grab five keys from a valet box. ALL BUT one of the keys would unlock one of the chair’s restraints. If the key-grabber touched any part of the fence, s/he got electrocuted (the one sitting in the chair would be electrocuted every :15-20).
A&N: 3:15
N&G: 2:31
T&M: 2:45

TFF: The contestants would climb a net up to a couch hung by a helicopter; if either fell off before sitting on it, a one-min. penalty would be added to their final time. As soon as both teammates sat down & released a flag, they had to grab 20 bundles of cash to stop their time (but a :30 penalty would be assessed for each bundle NOT grabbed).
N&G: 7:13
T&M: 4:45 (even w/ 1:30 in penalty time)


Comments on: "“Fear Factor” 7/18" (6)

  1. Jacqueline said:

    Why couldn’t Patrick and Jacque unable to continue on

  2. Jerene L Thomasson said:

    Wondering why Jessie &&& Patrick had to leave the show …. hope all is ok & may GOD bless

  3. Jonathan said:

    I’m more so curious as to why Jacque & Patrick could not continue?! Did they cheat?!

  4. What happened

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