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G1: Charles & Ian (64th)(BtG: 40)

#1: New Line Cinema was nicknamed “The house that Freddy built” due to its frightening success w/ what movie franchise?
“Nightmare on Elm Street”
#2: The author of Steal This Book, what famed yippie sometimes published his polemics under the pen name “Free!”?
Susan Collins (A: Abbie Hoffman)
#3: Shared by PM Tojo & baseball player Matsui, what Japanese first name means “esteem” or “excellence” in English?
#4: Typified by The Monitor & The Merrimack, what variety of 19th C. battleship was named for the metal armor protecting its hulls?
Submarine (A: Ironclad)

Sole $200 Q: What was the name of the overly-cheerful paperclip that once popped up to assist users of Microsoft Windows?
OTHER S-O: Johnny Sulles
FA: Clip It

G2: David, Felix & Reggie (14th & 8th)(BtG: 40)

G3: Olivia & Soraya (Babo)(BtG: 46)

#1: Acquired by BACARDI in 1998, what gem of a drink brand was inspired by gin’s popularity in British Colonial India?
Bombay Sapphire
#2: Faced w/ a PR nightmare in ’01, the Houston Astros paid $2.1M to remove what scandal-ridden co.’s logo from its ballpark?
#3: Replacing the Scottish Terrier, what hypoallergenic hybrid dog breed appears as a token in “MONOPOLY Here and Now”?
#4: Featuring two diverging paths, what iconic Robert Frost poem was believed by many critics to reek of irony, NOT inspiration?
“The Road Less Traveled” (aka “The Road Not Taken”)

#1: Boasting his own book in The Old Testament, whose life of lament earned him the nickname “The Brokenhearted Prophet”?
Job (A: Jeremiah)
#2: What well-known expression alludes to a medieval practice in which church holidays were marked on calendars in red ink?
Red-letter days
FQ: Now resting in peace beneath The Kremlin, what Soviet cosmonaut became the first human in outer space in ’61?
FA: Gagarin ($1K)


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