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Sara Carson w/ dog Hero (when they were here the first time, Howie & Mel B originally said “NO” before Simon wanted them to change their mind)
The Baker Family
Mariachi Nuevo Santader
The Masqueraders
Eric Jennifer: Standup- HEIDI & SIMON
Dancing Pumpkin Man- HEIDI
Tom London
Eric Jones: Magician
Angelica- ANOTHER GB FOR HER (& all GB winners at this moment will win a trip to UNIVERSAL Orlando)
Danylo & Oskar: Acrobats
Lera & Nika Tomanova: Aerial duo
Yosein Chi: Hand balancer
Canion Shijirbat: Multimedia dancer- HEIDI & SIMON
Just Jerk: Hip-Hop crew
Maw Kitty: HOWIE & MEL B
The Singing Trump

ALSO ADVANCING- Sara and Hero, The Masqueraders, Eric Jones, Just Jerk, The Singing Trump & Demian


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