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-When “The $25,000 PYRAMID” started having their tiebreaking rd. right after a tie occurred, it occurred when they started having blind contestants playing (that of course DIDN’T become permanent until later in the run).
-This wk.’s “Cutthroat Kitchen” ep. aired in Australia on 4/11.
-Mariah’s cameo on “Beat Shazam” was said to be awkward.
-“@midnight” is GOING OFF THE AIR 8/4 after 600 shows.
-As of last wk., “Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!” starts each ep. w/ a “commercial”.
-BBC’s planning at least a one-ep. revival of “Celebrity Weakest Link”.


Comments on: "7/19/17 Quick News & Notes" (1)

  1. One other item you can add – BBC is bringing back ‘The Weakest Link’ in the UK for a one-off celebrity special during the next ‘Children in Need’ charity night in November. Anne Robinson will indeed be hosting. It will then reportedly return next year, Saturdays in primetime, with celebrities rather than civilians, *cough* UK Millionaire *cough* excuse me.

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