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“Dessert Games” 7/17

Tarsha “Miss Joy” Joyner (chef/owner)
Thiago Silva (director of chocolate at a food lab)
Katy Gerdes (chef/owner in MIN who was a former fashion designer)
Rory Kraus (pastry chef in D.C.)
J: Damaris, Damiano & Michael V.

Diner Dessert Imposter:
Rory: Almond macaron bun w/ a microwave brownie patty & churro fries
Katy: Peanut butter-stuffed I.C. sandwich w/ raspberry bacon jam & banana fries
Tarsha: Chocolate buttercream burger w/ a whoopie pie bun & apple rings
Thiago: Pound cake w/ instant creme brulee, passion fruit “cheese” & pistachio chips
C-O- Katy

Bake Sale: A store-bought cake that Damaris has for sale has to be turned into a great dessert.
Rory: Butterscotch pudding dirt cup w/ devil’s food cake
Thiago: Tiramisu w/ cappuccino I.C., pound cake & mascarpone broth
Tarsha: Cake flight (cake truffle, cake-sicle & a cake milkshake)
C-O- Rory

13 Candles:

Thiago: Brownie w/ frosted cereal I.C. & cereal liquid ganache
Tarsha: Brownie w/ toasted wheat cereal & chocolate pastry cream in a chocolate pyramid
W- Thiago


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