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G1: Carolyn (40th & 6th)(BtG: 39)

#1: What star-studded theme restaurant went BANKRUPT in ’99?
#2: In 1987 what Filipina First Lady noted for the record that she only owned 1,060 pairs of shoes, NOT 3K?
(Imelda) Marcos
#3: Predating the cure & black eyeliner for 1,600 yrs., what East Germanic tribe invaded & SACKED Rome in 410?
#4: Used as a curse word on “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA”, what’s the common term for the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing?

Sole $200 Q: What mythical reptilian beast was said to kill its enemies w/ a single glance?
FA: Dragon (A: Basilisk)

DR: Matt & Brandon (Flatiron Building)(BtG: 35)

#1: A beer-swilling sea dog w/ big guns, Poopdeck Pappy was the father of what iconic cartoon sailor?
#2: Named for a greenhouse gas, what thinning layer of the Earth’s atmosphere’s linked to an increased incidence of sunburned whales?
#3: Sometimes abbrev. C/D, what publication’s billed as the world’s most popular automotive magazine?
Car and Driver
#4: Queen Elizabeth REFUSED a sip of what iconic brand name brew on her 2011 trip to Ireland?

#1: In North Carolina it’s ILLEGAL to plow a cotton field w/ an elephant due to a publicity stunt staged by what famous 19th C. showman?
P.T. Barnum
#2: Inspiring the name of an ILLEGAL act in the NFL, what eco-friendly device dries laundry w/o using any electricity?
#3: Accounting for more than 20% of its country’s export, the SAMSUNG group is the largest conglomerate of what Asian nation?
South Korea
RLC: Not surprisingly, Stephen King had six novels that made NPR’s list of “Top 100 Killer Thrillers of All-Time”- name five of these classics.
The Stand, IT, The Shining, Pet Sematary & Dead Zone (Other: Salem’s Lot)
#4: Immortalized in a satirical twitter account, what variety of snake famously escaped from the Bronx Zoo in ’11?

#1: Described as a crafty cross between amazon & EBAY, what DIY commerce site boasts categories that include crochet, clothing & candles?
#2: Introduced under the name LIK-M-AID, what candy consists of pouches of sugar on an edible stick?
Fun Dip
FQ: Famous for his “EUREKA!” moment in the bathtub, what ancient Greek also invented a gigantic metal claw to rip enemy ships out of the water?
FA: Archimedes ($2900)

G3: Heather, Jackie, Hayley & Megan (Chelsea Hotel)(BtG: 38)
LOST $400


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