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OR: FS/RS/Bouncing Spider/PB/Rail Runner/WW

Overall Top 30:
#1: Lorin (1:42.89)
#2: Dan Y. (1:59.65)
#3: Ian D. (2:47.79)
#4: Drew K. (2:50.94)
#5: Craig Richard (ATL musician)(3:17.97)
#6: Bart Copeland (concrete business owner in DEN)(3:26.26)
#7: Andrew Duncan (electrical engineer in Golden, CO)(3:36.25)
#8: Nick K. (3:36.43)
#9: Brian A. (stopped by RR at 1:15.15)
#10: Karson (stopped by RR at 1:20.21)
#11: Ben A. (stopped by RR at 1:29.9)
#12: Devin Stratton (business student)(stopped by RR at 1:30.78)
#13: Michael Silenzi (stopped by RR at 1:31.65)
#14: Matt Dolce (pharmacist in Salt Lake City)(stopped by RR at 1:35.64)
#15: Yancey (stopped by RR at 1:39.53)
#16: Michael Stanger (ninja gym director in Fruita, CO)(stopped by RR at 1:41.57)
#17: Ben Burkhalter (restaurant mgr.)(stopped by RR at 1:42.67)
#18: Kyle Wilson (construction worker)(stopped by RR at 1:43.3)
#19: Jesse Lucero (ninja coach in DEN)(stopped by RR at 1:46.12)
#20: Brandon Todacheenie (stock clerk in Shiprock, NM)(stopped by RR at 1:51.36)
#21: Ryan Souter (software consultant in Salt Lake City)(stopped by RR at 2:04.71)
#22: Ian Weber (shakerboard champ in Provo)(stopped by RR at 2:05.09)
#23: Meagan (stopped by RR at 2:17.81)
#24: Jeri (stopped by RR at 2:27.83)
#25: Matt Reeves (stopped by RR at 2:30.37)
#26: Sam (stopped by RR at 2:37.64)
#27: Luke Chambers (business student in Green Bay)(stopped by RR at 2:40.71)
#28: Tammy McClure (winery owner in Kuna, ID)(stopped by RR at 2:53.08)
#29: Dalton Knapp (engineering student in Green Bay)(stopped by RR at 3:03.62)
#30: Nate DeHaan (bush pilot in Bethel, AK)(stopped by RR at 3:59.86)

Other Females in Top 5:
#4: Larissa Cottle (concrete worker in Lehi, UT)(stopped by PB at 3:00.15)
#5: Tanya O’Donohue (swim coach)(stopped by RS at 18.14)


Comments on: "“American Ninja Warrior” 7/17/17" (1)

  1. Dalton Higbee said:

    Aw shucks, Jake Murray!

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