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Mark Myers, Jr. (Louisiana firefighter/caterer/priv. chef)
Christopher McGuinness (NYPD detective/caterer)
Cheryl Williams (Children’s Hospital EMT by night & HS culinary instructor by day)
Jerry Pizzitola (Air Force vet & chef/owner of hunting/fishing lodge in TX)
J: Same as last wk.

Wok This Way: Shop w/ whatever you can put on it, but you also have to cook at least part of your dish on it.
Mark: Southern fried chicken w/ mashed potatoes & wok cabbage
Christopher: Five-spice chicken/shrimp curry
Cheryl: Pig-seared pork chop w/ peaches & veggies
Jerry: Beef tips & noodles
C-O- Cheryl

Christopher: HABANERO

Christopher: Sausage & peppers w/ pickled veggies
Jerry: Ground beef & pork hamburger w/ peppers & onions
Mark: Cheddar chili bacon burger- C-O

Jerry: Filet w/ phyllo dough-wrapped asparagus & citrus sabayon
Christopher: Grilled NY Strip w/ chimichurri, mashed potatoes & corn
W- Christopher

#1: The official nut of Alabama is commonly the star of holiday pies (PECAN)- $
#2: Battered item on a stick originally created for a TX state fair (CORN DOG)- $
#3: Seafood soup that also comes in a Manhattan variety (CLAM CHOWDER)- $
#4: Veggie found in white, green & purple varieties that Mark Twain called “cabbage with a college education” (CAULIFLOWER)- $
#5: Soft cheese invented at a NY dairy, but assoc. w/ the city of Brotherly Love- TIME


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