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Cory was ill & had to sit out at least the next Mentor Challenge.

MC #3:
Jason: Osso Bucco wrap
Matthew: Coq au Vin hand pie
David: Grilled cheese pot roast sandwich
Amy: Chili con carne
Rusty: Boeuf Bourguignon skewer
W- Jason

SC #7: “Beat Bobby Flay”
GJ: Anne

R1: Two teams of three competed; the winners would be safe.
KI: Tomato

BT (Jason, Rusty & Matthew): Heirloom-roasted tomato salad w/ vinaigrette & radish slaw
GT (Amy, Cory & David): Grilled heirloom tomato steak w/ tomato syrup

R2: Anybody who beat Bobby was safe.
David: Shrimp & grits- FAIL
Cory: Pan-roasted duck w/ red-eye gravy- SUCCESS
Amy: Butter-basted filet w/ roasted veggies- FAIL
L- David

SS #4: Once they made a sandwich, they would have to snap a picture of it as part of a tweet.
David: Spicy fried shrimp po’ boy
Addie: Buffalo Brie chicken slider
Trace: Bourbon pork slider- CANCELLED


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