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“Candy Crush” 7/16

Becca & Michael Jerome Perenchio (father/daughter in Simi Valley)
Mayumi & Shari Lyn Rhone (mom/daughter)
Kathryn M. Kitt & Andrew Thaddeus Aldous (mom/son in Bedford, NY)
Lindsy Kristifer & Caleb Lindsy Wheeler (father/son in Bowie, MD)

QR (“Cake Bomb”): All eight slices have to be cleared using sugar instead instead of their fingers.

King-Sized Challenges Avail.:
The Claw: One teammate controls the joystick for it & the horizontal wall’s used.
Gumball Drop: Teammates are tied together on the horizontal wall as gumballs roll down.
Candy Ladder: One teammate holds it while the other climbs it on that vertical wall.
The Balloon

Rhones: The Claw- 19

QR #2 (“Candy Toss”):
SC- Wheelers

Wheelers: Gumball Drop- 56

QR #3 (“Licorice Maze”):
SC- Aldouses

Aldouses: The Ladder- 33
Perenchios: The Balloon- 55

UCC Boosters:
Wheelers: Double Delicious
Perenchios: Freezer Burn (this freezes their opponents’ wall for :10)
W- Wheelers


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