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“Family Feud” 5/5/11

CG: Saulniers (Marc, Nicole, Greg, Michele & Daniele) v. Reyeses

R1 (women): Name a BAD place to look for a good husband:

#1: Bar/nightclub (74)(Marc)

Saulniers: Prison (#3- 5), sports event, work, friend’s home
Robert Steal: Store/mall (#2: Strip joint- 13/Unsaid BAs: Casino & gay bar- 2 each)

R2: What would you do if you realized that the beach you’re at is a NUDE beach?:

#1: Leave (44)(Gigi)

Reyeses: Tell somebody to put on clothes, make fun of people, stay/strip (#2- 37), watch (#3- 10)
Marc Steal: Be embarrassed (BA: Cover eyes- 4)

Double: Name a rock band you think has released the most albums:

#1: Beatles (52)(Greg)

Saulniers: Rolling Stones (#2- 25), Aerosmith (BA- 2), Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, The Who
Robert Steal #2: KISS- #3 (7)(Other BA: U2)

TRIPLE: Name an occupation where you’d see dead people:

#2: Coroner (18)(Gaven)
#3: Doctor (2)(Michele)

Reyeses: Police, mortician (TA- 78), paramedic (OTHER BA)

#1: Something men replace when they achieve fame & fortune.
#2: On the scale, how well could you do your boss’ job?
#3: Something that would make a party DEPRESSING.
#4: Something people lick.
#5: A reason someone would dig a hole.

Gigi: Wife (38), 5 (16), NO food (22), spoons & graves (48)
Robert: Car (36), 9 (10), BAD news, lollipops/suckers (37) & hide something
Unsaid #1s: 10 & NO/BAD music


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 5/5/11" (1)

  1. jpgenius said:

    Wow. All it took was a 🚗 win, and the Reyes finally win the money! Great work!

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