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“Ca$h Cab” 1/19/12

DR: Mike, Paul, Jamie & Blanca (Sylvia’s)(BtG: 50)

#1: Sulking over his 150-yr. sentence, what DISGRACED inventor described himself as “The human pinata of Wall Street”?
Bernie Madoff
#2: Less scandalous in the 1800s, what fictional character regularly indulged in cocaine while matching wits w/ nemesis Professor Moriarty?
Sherlock Holmes
#3: Acc. to a 2007 survey, what documentary starring Al Gore caused two out of three viewers to change their minds about global warming?
“An Inconvenient Truth”
#4: If you count miniature ones, what Danish toy brick co. is the world’s largest manufacturer of tires?

#1: Slammed by one critic as a Hanna-Barbera cheese fest, what classic cartoon pitted the “Justice League” against the “Legion of Doom”?
“Super Friends”
#2: In the fascinating world of physics, what does the letter F symbolize in the equation F = ma?
#3: Allowing creationists to wall all over him, Charles Darwin was buried beneath the floor of what famous London church?
Westminster Abbey
#4: A TRAGIC end for an adorable bear, what celebrity polar bear died under mysterious circumstances at the Berlin Zoo in 2011?
RLC: As of ’11 Apple has published eight versions of its OS operating system named after big cats- name six of these felines.
Lion, leopard, snow leopard, panther, tiger & cheetah (Didn’t need to guess: Puma & Jaguar)

#1: Named after a 1st C. sage & Torah scholar, what’s the largest Jewish college campus organization in the world?
#2: Immortalized in a famous photograph, how many stars were on the American flag raised over Imo Jima?
FQ: Like an Elizabethan ep. of “24”, what stormy Shakespeare play unfolded before the audience in real time?
FA: “Tempest” ($2800)

G2: Dani (33rd between 5th & 6th)(BtG: 40)

G3: Mike, Rob, JC & Todd (Pete’s Tavern)(BtG: 46)

$1400 VB: Among the oldest freestanding structures on Earth, these megalithic temples tower over a Mediterranean island 60 miles south of Sicily. A strategic stronghold during WWII, what European republic’s home to these monuments of Stone Age engineering?
FA: Malta

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