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DDR: Mayor Oscar Goodman & David Brenner (Mob Museum & American Jewish World Service)(New York New York)(MtG: FOUR)

#1: The winner of seven Razzies, what Vegas-based movie was sold on DVD along w/ a tutorial on how to lap dance?
#2: “Marsupan” & “Jumpmeat” were finalists in a 2005 competition to pick a palatable name for cuts of what Australian animal?
#3: Often deployed for disaster relief, the motto of what U.S. reserve force is “Always ready, always there”?
National Guard
#4: Pitched by the hyperactive Vince Offer, what absorbing cleaning product’s said to hold 12 times its weight in liquid?
MSO: Mayor’s assistant Rachel

#1: Appropriately enough, what Sinatra staple did Diana Krall sing in ’09 to make the 40th anniv. of Apollo 11?
“Fly Me to The Moon”
#2: From saddles to stirrups, what’s the collective term for the equestrian equipment that outfits a horse & its rider?
Dressage (A: Tack)
#3: A substitute for “Cheers”, what Spanish word meaning “health” is often spoken before taking a sip of Sangria?
#4: In ’08 actor Jeremy Piven was labeled the human thermometer after blaming what toxic substance for making him sick?

Sole $400 Q: Since 1951 visitors to “Sin City” have been greeted by a giant neon cowboy w/ the alliterative name Vegas what?

VB: This room’s flamboyant look embodies an artistic period that began in 18th C. France. W/ linguistic & aesthetic ties to the Baroque Movement, what’s the name of this ornate decorative style?
FA: Rococo ($2800)

G2: Julie, Abbie, Lindsay & Shelby (Rain nightclub waitresses)(Flamingo)(MtG: THREE)
LOST $550


#1: Inspired by a 1773 protest, what pantry staple became a nationwide symbol of anti-taxation sentiment on Apr. 15, 2009?
#2: Breaking box office records, what 3-D blockbuster did The Vatican SLAM for its Neo-Paganistic world view?
“Angels & Demons” (A: “AVATAR”)
#3: For animal lovers of all stripes, the zonkey is the rare offspring of what two equines?
Donkey & zebra
#4: W/ a name touting BOTH quantity & quality, what pink/white licorice treats are the oldest-branded candy in the U.S.?
Good & Plenty

#1: Known for conspicuous consumption, what TRAGIC wife of King Louis XVI actually REDUCED the household staff at Versailles?
Marie Antoinette
#2: Home to Binion’s Horseshoe & the Golden Nugget, what famed thoroughfare was Vegas’ first paved street?
#3: Shown on CNBC during the Winter Olympics, what sport of brooms & ice swept up Wall St. traders in ’10?
FQ: When he landed in a field in 1997, what multimillionaire balloonist did locals MISTAKE for the Hindu monkey god Hanuman?
XX (A: Steve Fossett)

VB: In a 1907 New York Times article, these striking sandstone formations were dubbed extraordinary freaks of nature in an untrodden desert. About a half-a-day’s drive from Vegas, what’s the name of this Utah national park?
FA: Arches


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