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#1: Lending its name to an iconic Vegas casino, what Mediterranean coastal region’s known in France as the Cote d’Azur?
Rio (A: Riviera)
#2: During a 2009 Presidential address, Congressman Joe Wilson earned 15 min. of INFAMY by shouting what two words?
#3: The slowest mouse in ALL of Mexico, Slowpoke Rodriguez was the less-animated cousin of what “LOONEY TUNES” rodent?
Speedy Gonzales
#4: In ice hockey, what hard-hitting variety of shot can propel the puck at about 100mph?

#1: In a game of Craps, gamblers that place a Midnight bet are hoping that the next roll results in what number?
12 7
#2: In ’72 PEPSI became the first American product sold in the USSR after agreeing to help distribute what brand of vodka?

DDR: Scott, Jim, Rick & Pat Swivelhips (Elvis impersonators)(SAHARA)(MtG: THREE)

#1: Predictably enough, what Apple product’s announcement in ’10 inspired countless jokes about feminine hygiene products?
#2: In one of its Spanish-language versions, what comic strip Viking was renamed “Olafo el Terrible”?
Hagar the Horrible
#3: Resistant to neurotoxins, what relative of the meerkat is one of the few known predators of the king cobra?
#4: From the maker of erector sets, atomic energy lab kits came w/ uranium ore & what well-known radiation detectors?
Geiger Counters

#1: The call letters of Vegas’ oldest radio station spell out the name of what four-letter casino game?
#2: A linguistic cousin of the flask, what’s the term for the large vessels that were used to hold wine in the Middle Ages?
Casks (A: Flagons)
#3: Ratcheting up the rhetoric, Ronald Reagan famously used what alliterative phrase to refer to the Soviet Union?
MSO: Dick Feeny (Head Elvis)
“Evil Empire”
#4: Sometimes abbrev. NW, what common measure of a person’s wealth is calculated by subtracting his total debts from his total assets?
Net worth
RLC: As reported by Alexa.com (Alexa Bliss, anyone?), the web’s most reputable Internet survey, name six of the eight most-frequently visited websites in the U.S. as of May ’10.

Google, EBAY, Craigslist, amazon, YAHOO! & X (Missed: facebook, YouTube & Wikipedia)

Sole $400 Q: Acc. to a 2005 study, snoring & sleep apnea can be helped by playing what drowning indigenous instrument of Australia?
FA: Didgeridoo ($1400)

G3: Lance Burton & Michael Goudeau (Shriners Children’s Hospital & Variety Children’s Charity)(The Mirage)(MtG: 3.5)

#1: Acc. to Las Vegas lore, The Strip was named by an L.A. cop as an homage to what vibrant West HOLLYWOOD thoroughfare?
Sunset Strip
#2: Featuring a stick figure not yet on fire, the very first doodle on the Google homepage was a tribute to what annual Nevada festival?
Burning Man
#3: In 2009 the governor of South Carolina made an INFAMOUS trip to Argentina while his staff claimed he was hiking what iconic route?
Appalachian Trail
#4: For those who need more than six inches, what word did SUBWAY try to trademark in ’10?

#1: Lending its name to the tallest tower in Vegas, what layer of our atmosphere is home to 90% of the Earth’s ozone?
#2: A traditional staple of Irish charm, what six-word greeting’s often followed up by “And the rest of the day to yourself”?
“Top of the morning to you”
#3: Coined by an ESPn analyst, what term refers to the process used to predict the field in NCAA’s “March Madness”?
MSO: Allen Bracken (Lance’s stage mgr.)
#4: Although he NEVER played it, what 18th C. authority on card games was a charter inductee into the Poker Hall of Fame?

#1: Also an UGLY creature from Scandinavian folklore, what term’s commonly used for someone who picks fights over the Internet?
FQ: Sharing its name w/ a type of equine, what Nevada brothel did the U.S. government seize & sell on EBAY in ’03?
Mustang Ranch

VB: Located near the original CAESARS PALACE, this archaeological site was once the epicenter of Ancient Rome. Sharing its name w/ a Vegas shopping destination, what’s this venerable tourist hot spot?
FA: The Forum ($1800)


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