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Katie (priv. chef in BOS)
Moira (chef de partie in CA)
Octavio (priv. chef in N.O.)
Tre (caterer in Birmingham)
J: Jet

R1: Toast (20 min. instead of the typical 30)

A #1:
#1: Get bread from pantry within :10 because (s)he FORGOT to do so the first time- KATIE ($15K- she was also INELIGIBLE to bid on anything else in this rd.)
#2: Make a toasting pose- OCTAVIO ($17.5K)
#3: Cook dish on vintage toaster- MOIRA ($20,600)(Octavio)
$200 CHAMPAGNE-SPILLING FINES: 1 (Katie: $14,800/Moira: $20,400/Tre: $24,800)
OUT 1ST- Katie

R2: Shish-kebabs

A #2:
#1: Take proteins away for shish-kebab joust; winner got to choose between salmon mousse & ground turkey (and the loser was stuck w/ the other choice)- TRE ($19,800)(Winner: Octavio- salmon mousse)
#2: Make K-BOB do the cooking (every request had to end w/ his name being asked for)- TRE ($10,100)(Octavio)
#3: Wear pita on hands- OCTAVIO ($16,800)(Moira)
OUT 2ND- Tre

FR: Butterscotch dessert

A #3:
#1: Hopscotch around the kitchen- OCTAVIO ($13,600)
#2: Wooden blocks of butter on person’s fingers- MOIRA ($15,400)
W- Octavio


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