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KINJAZ v. Stroll Groove (TEAM)- KINJAZ (91.3-81.3)
Luka & Jenalyn v. DNA (UPPER)- LUKA & JENALYN (88.7-80.3)
ImmaBEAST v. Mini Request (JUNIOR)- ImmaBEAST (86-85.7)
Kings Unite v. Pasion (UPPER)- PASION (87.3-83.7)
Rythmatic v. Chapkis Dance Family (TEAM)- CHAPKIS DANCE FAMILY (88.7-86.3)
D’Angelo & Amanda v. Mihacevich Sisters (JUNIOR)- MIHACEVICH SISTERS (81-78.7)
JABBAWOCKEEZ v. Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions (TEAM)- IAN EASTWOOD & THE YOUNG LIONS (85.7-84.7)


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