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“Fear Factor” 7/11

Tai & Corry (Pasadena)
Candace & Emmanuel (L.A.)
Cynthia & Aubrey (Diamond Bar)
Beena & Andrea (San Diego)

BtB: They would each first put a vinegaroon in their mouth & put 20 in a box. Second, the clothes from a laundry basket had to be dumped into a washer/dryer & somebody had to wear a jacket. Third, rats from one bathtub had to be moved to the other & a key had to be found. They last were required to open up the box & spit out those vinegaroons that were in their mouths all challenge long.
B&A: 1:54
C&E: 2:26
T&C: 1:35
C&A: 1:27

FYF: Both members of the duo would be put in a crisscross bar box that would fill up w/ water. They would need to remove the bars & find a way to escape & rip off the flags. C&A got to remove one bar before they even started.
T&C: :51
B&A: :54
C&A: :53

TFF: The teeter-totter they would be standing on was suspended 100ft in the air. They would be required to grab 24 flags & put ’em on poles. Additionally, they would then have an opportunity to save their cellphones.
C&A: 20 + one phone

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