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“Chopped” 7/11/17

Tracy Wilk (David Burke Kitchen exec. pastry chef)
Sophie Jaeger (Caprices by Sophie chef/owner in BKN orig. from Paris)
Anna Fitting (Crosby Street Hotel exec. pastry chef who’s traveled through Asia)
Crystal Smith (Bayview Yacht Club pastry chef in Detroit)
J: Scott, Amanda & Nancy Silverton

A: Piadina dough, skirt steak, bitter melon & vegetable gratin
Sophie: Vegetable Clafoutis w/ beef & bitter melon tostada
Tracy: Warm steak nacho salad w/ bitter melon pico de gallo
Anna: Curry vegetable & skirt steak tart
Crystal: Mexican skirt steak flatbread w/ bitter melon salsa
C- Tracy

E: Pate a Choux dough, chicken breast, kale & roasted mushrooms
Anna: Deconstructed Chicken Banh Mi w/ grilled kale
Sophie: Kale & Cheddar Gougeres w/ chicken & mushroom supreme
Crystal: Pan-roasted chicken w/ roasted mushroom cream sauce
C- Sophie

D: Lemon balm, oven-roasted grapes, marshmallow spread & pastry flour
Crystal: Buttermilk shortcake w/ lemon balm berry compote, crumble & marshmallow W.C.
Anna: Chocolate layer cake w/ grape & sake sorbet
W- Crystal


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