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G1: Eric, Cherise & Matt (CIRCUS CIRCUS)(One Drop)(MtG: THREE)

#1: Acc. to its founder & CEO, what online subscription service was inspired by a $40 late fee for the movie “APOLLO 13”?
#2: Cutting-edge at the time, what French execution device was first used on Apr. 25, 1792?
#3: Avail. at the better Vegas buffets, what rhyming menu option is known as “beef and reef” in Australia?
Surf & turf
#4: W/ just a few exceptions, the radioactive elements on the periodic table ALL end w/ what three letters?

#1: In May 2010, an AP news headline pondered the immigration status of what Latina nickelodeon cartoon character?
“Dora the Explorer”
#2: Feat. wrestlers in short pants, Schwingen is considered the national sport of what Alpine nation?
#3: OFFENDING some Midwesterners, what iconic painting prompted an ANGRY local to threaten to bite its creator Grant Wood?
“American Gothic”
FQ: Inspiring the name of a bestselling beer, what mtn. range’s home to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite & the INFAMOUS Donner Pass?
Sierra Nevada

VB: When mating, insects like this one serenade Nevadians w/ a loud love song that rivals the drone of a thousand weed-whackers. Sometimes mistaken for the locust, what’s the name of this flying noisemaker?
FA: Cicada ($1200)

G2: Phil Helmuth, Jr. & Robert Williamson (Aria Hotel at the CityCenter)(MtG: 3.5)

G3: Paul Rodriguez & Shayla (California Latino Water Foundation)(Tropicana)(MtG: TWO)

#1: What medication spoofed the song “Viva Las Vegas” in a prominent ad campaign?
#2: Sparking grande controversy in Mar. 2010, what Seattle-based co. REFUSED to BAN the open carry of guns at its locations in 43 states?
#3: Called “The Brother-in-Lawford” by Frank Sinatra, rat packer Peter Lawford was married to the little sister of what President?
#4: Due to celebrating stout drinkers, the world consumption of Guinness more than doubles on what annual festive holiday?
St. Patrick’s Day

#1: King Francis I of France swallowed a daily dose of what ground-up Egyptian artifacts?
#2: The book Bringing Down the House was inspired by card counters from MIT who won millions in Vegas playing what game?
RLC: Acc. to forbes.com, Vegas was the 6th-most-visited U.S. city in 2009. Name seven of the other cities that made up the top 10.
NY, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, San Diego & X (Not given: Anaheim, Orlando & Philadelphia)
#3: Also known as “Real de a Ocho”, what silver coins made tempting targets for pilfering pirates?
Doubloon (A: Piece of Eight)
FQ: Familiar to fans of Chicken Tikka, what variety of Indian cinema combines many genres into one spicy mix?
MSO: Morgan (Paul’s secretary)
OOPS (A: Masala)


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