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These aired in Aug. ’10.

Double-Down Ride: Michelle & Danine (married)(Hard Rock CAFE)(Miles to Go: THREE)

#1: What daredevil jumped into the national spotlight in ’67 when he spectacularly CRASHED while jumping over the CAESARS PALACE fountains?
Evel Knievel
#2: To an air-traffic controller, the letters R & J are represented by what two star-crossed code names?
“Romeo & Juliet”
#3: In the Winter Olympics, what popular sport features a designated area traditionally called the “Kiss and Cry”?
Curling (A: Figure skating)
#4: In ’09 amazon was compared to “Big Brother” when it DELETED copies of Animal Farm & what other Orwell novel from its e-readers?

#1: Dealt between the flop & the river, what’s the name for the 4th face-up card in a game of TX Hold ‘Em?
#2: Kicking off late night from ’62-’92, what two words placed #1 on “TV LAND’S 100 Greatest Catchphrases”?
“Here’s Johnny!”
#3: Just nine miles away from Spain, what nation applied to join the European Union in 1987 but was DENIED because it’s NOT in Europe?
Algeria (A: Morocco)
FQ: Legal in at least 11 states, what hybrid term refers to an establishment that combines slot machines & horse racing?
FA: Sportsbook (A: Racino)

G2: Katie, Sarah & Anthony (BALLY’S)(MtG: FOUR)

#1: Acc. to a ’31 catalog, sitting on what inflatable novelty device gives forth noises that can better be imagined than described?
Whoopee cushion
#2: The site of many conspiracy theories, what secretive NV military base inspired the name of the Vegas Minor League Baseball team?
#3: Despite the presence of clowns, what rodeo event’s commonly called “The most dangerous eight seconds in sports”?
Bull riding
#4: Fueling significant debate, The Car Allowance Rebate System of ’09 was more commonly called “Cash for…” what?

#1: In ’06 what famous casino developer accidentally POKED his elbow through a $139M Picasso?
Steve Wynn
#2: Acc. to legend, Elvis was urged to go back to truck driving after BOMBING at what iconic Nashville venue in the ’50s?
Grand Ole Opry
#3: Acc. to a 2010 study, what aptly-named bird can fly a record-breaking 69mph during level flight?
Eagle (A: Swift)
#4: Crazy-busy in Caracas, what South American president asked 200 staff members to manage his twitter acct. in ’10?
MSO: Tom (New Yorker)
Juan Gabriel (A: Hugo Chavez)

#1: Acc. to ehow.com, what emergency medical procedure for restoring breathing can be performed w/ a knife & a drinking straw?
FQ: As defined on urbandictionary.com, a Canadian Tuxedo consists of a jacket & pants made from what casual material?

VB: Favored by the highest of high rollers, this casino game was once played by the courtiers of France’s Charles VIII. Boasting surprisingly-favorable odds, what’s the name of this blue-blooded game of chance?
FA: Baccarat ($1600)


#1: Although it was little & white, NOT little & red, what classic Chevrolet sportscar first rolled off the assembly line in ’53?
#2: Acc. to a ’10 movie review, what heavy metal MARVEL hero combined Bill Gates, Howard Hughes & Hugh Hefner?
#3: Sparking a tourist industry in Bradford, PA, what company operates a museum devoted to its metal lighters?
#4: Also a fast food sandwich featuring fried chicken as bread, what Blackjack option’s often recommended if you have a hard 11?
Double Down

#1: Consisting of chocolate-covered caramels, what HERSHEY’S candy alludes to the fact that NONE of its pieces are perfectly round?
pieces (A: Milk Duds- it WASN’T Rolo because that’s a Nestle candy)
#2: Acc. to its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, what Scandinavian country’s home to 5.3M people & 2M saunas?
Sweden (A: Finland)
#3: One of the oldest bars in the U.S., John Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is a former pirate hangout in what city?
MSO: Robby
New Orleans
FQ: Known for its nylon shorts, what soccer gear co. got its name by mashing up its original moniker Humphrey Bros.?

VB: Working overtime in these Sin City street signs, the element neon belongs to an elite class of nonreactive gases that also include helium & argon. What’s the name of this upper-crust category of elements?
FA: Inert (A: Noble- they put up the $800 they lost & the show threw in an additional $500)


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