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“Ca$h Cab” 9/25/12

G1: Jeff, David & Rob (Don’t Tell Mama’s at 46th & 8th)(BtG: 35)

#1: Creating a so-called “rain shadow”, the Himalayas prevent clouds from bringing precipitation to what massive Mongolian desert?
#2: Though it resembles Annette Bening, what movie studio’s logo is actually based on a homemaker & mom of two named Jenny Joseph?
#3: Short for “nation’s capital”, The N.C. joins O-Dot & Bytown as popular nicknames for what Canadian city?
RLC: In terms of population, five of the U.S.’ 100 largest cities start w/ P- name four.
Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh & Portland (Not said: Plano)
#4: Ten-a-Side, or Tens, is a condensed version of what full-contact team sport?

#1: As suggested by its name, what edible frond of a young fern resembles the ornamental end of a common stringed instrument?
MSO: Kristen
FQ: Known for its camping & cold weather gear, what co. shares its name w/ a borrowing cousin of the squirrel?
FA: Marmot ($1250)

G2: Stacy, Fred & Diana (The Greenhouse)(BtG: 32)

DR: Elena, Naima & Alex (Slaughtered Lamb on West 4th & Barrow)(BtG: 30)

#1: What animal has served for centuries as the national symbol of Russia?
#2: “Parakeet” is a slang term for a pint-sized fan of what classic American singer?
Jimmy Buffett
#3: The oldest-existing examples of dice came from a 5K-yr.-old set of what ancient board game?
#4: What term refers to the jarring noise created when audio output & input form a loop?

#1: What common stomach ailment’s now believed to be caused primarily by a bacteria called H. Pylori?
RLC: Acc. to adherents.org, what are the four most common religious denominations among U.S. Presidents?
Presbyterian, Episcopal, Baptist & Methodist
#2: In the lingo of meteorology, what pasta lends its name to the squiggly lines that predict the path of a hurricane?
FQ: Serving as the home of the Continental Congress in 1783, Nassau Hall’s the oldest building at what “Garden State” university?

VB: Also known as “forest baboon”, what’s the name of this elusive African primate?
FA: Howler monkey (A: Mandrill)


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