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“Ca$h Cab” 9/24/12

G1: Jane & Alisha (Hammerstein Ballroom)(BtG: 33)

#1: What state’s the second-largest in the U.S. in BOTH area & population?
CA (A: TX)
#2: Who was the 18th U.S. President?
#3: What psychological condition afflicts hostages who feel empathy for their captors?
Stockholm Syndrome
FQ: From the Greek for “drifter”, what microscopic ocean creatures are a crucial source nutrition for hungry whales?

VB: Derived from the Dutch word “tragelen”, what’s the name of this CONTROVERSIAL fishing technique?
FA: Trawling

G2: Susan & Peter (46th & 9th)(BtG: 32)
LOST $400 AT THE END (sole $200 Q)

G3: Alexis, Jim, Ken & Mike (White Horse Tavern)(BtG: 31)

#1: Named for the Spanish for “against”, what U.S.-backed rebel group waged war against the Nicaraguan government in the 1980s?
#2: What Eli Whitney invention actually caused the demand for slavery to SKYROCKET?
Cotton gin
#3: What absorbent towel was sold in infomercials boasting”You know the Germans always make good stuff”?
#4: During a State of the Union address, two people typically sit behind the President- the V-P & what other presiding officer?
Speaker of the House

Sole $200 Q: Among painters, “shade” is the term for a color mixed w/ black. What’s the term for a color mixed w/ white?
FA: Tint


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