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“Superhuman” 7/10

Chris Authement (DOMINO EFFECT): There were 100 dominoes & he had to count up all the pips on ’em, but Kal would start the dominoes falling down after :20.
Tatiana Marquardt (JUST ANOTHER MANIC MOMDAY): A long list of activities three kids would take part in over a wk.’s time was given & she was ordered to stuff the right items in ALL three backpacks.
Tyler Hinman (GRIDLOCK): All he had to do was solve five word puzzles all at once; also, five nine-letter words were given & his job was to place those words in the right puzzles. The time limit was 3:30.
Dave Farrow (BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTIONS): There was a board of 108 red & blue balloons & each judge would test his memorization skills.
Luke Salava (SEAT FILLER): He would be studying an audience of 100 people. While he WASN’T looking, three of those audience members would be replaced w/ new ones (& the judges would dress up as ushers) & everybody else would move around & change seats. The objective was to find the three newbies.

TT: Chris, Dave & Tatiana
W- Dave

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